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Doutor’s Quality Assurance

Selection of Beans

The selection of coffee beans is one of the most critical aspects that make DOUTOR coffee exceptional. We ensure that only the world’s finest beans that satisfy the requirements of Doutor will be selected.

Doutor coffee beans mainly come from our own plantation in Kona, Hawaii and we also import from 11 different countries around the world as demands and requirement grew within the business.

When selecting the coffee beans, the beans goes through an ‘audit’ process where their area of growth, the growth process, the plantation they are from and many other judging factors are scrutinised. Samples of coffee beans are then imported from the countries of interest and stringent test on the beans are carried out multiple times to ensure the quality of the coffee beans comes in line with the quality standard of Doutor Coffee.

Only the coffee beans that fulfill the strict “Doutor Criteria” are transported to the Doutor roasting plant and presented to our valued customers thereafter.


Every type of coffee beans has a distinctive taste and by blending the taste of different types of beans, we can achieve different flavour of coffee. There are 2 main types of blending, which is ‘pre-mix’, or ‘post-mix’ blending. In ‘pre-mix’ blending, coffee beans are mixed before roasting, while ‘post-mix’ implies that the different type of beans are individually roasted before mixing.

Pre mixing requires a very high level of skill set to roast the mixture as the coffee beans have different moisture content and composition. This make roasting very difficult, but the final product gives a well-balanced, full-flavored taste.

In Doutor, the method of pre-mixing is adopted to ensure our customers get the best quality possible.


The employment of the state-of-the-arts machines with highly skilled labor and our dedicated roasting methods depicts Doutor’s assurance for the finest coffee in the market. In addition, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver our goods to the consumers.
In general, a majority of roasting plants adopts the method of roasting using hot air for higher efficiency. Doutor’s roasting plant, on the contrary, uses the in-house method of open flame roasting, which requires three times the duration as compared to that of the hot air method. This is to ensure that the coffee beans are carefully roasted, thereby explaining the distinctive taste and aroma of Doutor’s Coffee as compared to the rest.

The roasting process is supervised by a master roaster, who keeps tracks of various aspects in roasting to ensure that every batch of roasted coffee beans are dedicated. These include the weighing of the beans, the roasting temperature, the condition of the fire, ambient temperature, humidity, the internal bean temperature and the amount of water used.

To maintain the aroma and taste of the coffee, Doutor continues its unique method of roasting on open fire even if it is time and energy consuming. Even today, open flame roasting procedure cannot be timed or automated. Each roast is carried out by our skilled roasters who have to rely on various aspects such as environmental changes, smells and instinct to get the perfect roast every time. Doutor is proud to say that only we are capable of using this technique of roasting large quantity of coffee beans on open flame.

Customer Service

Coffee maintains its flavour for about 2-3 weeks from the time it is roasted. Thus, to ensure the freshness of the beans at every outlet, the beans used are frozen and delivered from Japan.

To ensure no outlets are over supplied, computer software is utilised to anticipate the amount of coffee required at any outlets depending on their sales. This amount required will be roasted only days before to maintain the freshness of the beans.

Another important criterion that makes Doutor coffee taste so good, is that all brewed coffee has to be discarded 30 minutes after brewed, to ensure freshness. Thus, expect only the best freshly grounded and brewed coffee at any time, every time from Doutor Coffee.