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Doutor History

The Beginning

On 18th April 1980, Douter Coffee opened the first European styled café in Harajuku, Japan. At only 9 meter square, DOUTOR COFFEE managed to efficiently use the space to serve high quality food and beverages. Not only was the quality comparable to many other cafes in the region, the prices were very reasonable and the level of service exceed expectations. Without doubt, the small shop was a great success and it paved the future of DOUTOR COFFEE. Today, Doutor Coffee has more than 1200 outlets throughout the world.

Doutor Coffee’s First outlet in front of Harajuku Station



At Doutor Coffee, customer satisfaction is our greatest rewards. When we first started in 1980, we focus on pricing our coffee at an affordable price of 150yen instead of considering the high operation cost of the business so as to provide affordable coffee to our customers.  Other than affordability, the shop itself is designed to provide creature comforts that are based on our customers’ needs. Thus, from the quality of the items served, to the lighting and decorations in the shop, we take pride in providing a holistic approach toward the enjoyment of a cup of DOUTOR Coffee.

Our Plantations

As the business grew, Doutor Coffee had to acquire our own plantation to ensure the quality of the coffee bean we receive. In 1991, Doutor Coffee has its first plantation in Kona Island, Hawaii. This is followed by a second plantation which started operation in 1995. In just a quarter of a century, Doutor Coffee realized its dream of having its own Coffee plantation.

The Perfect Roast

In general, a majority of roasting plants adopts the method of roasting using hot air. Although the use of hot air roasting is highly efficient for roasting large quantities, it degrades the original flavour of the coffee. Doutor Coffee explored various method of roasting and finally decided to use open flame roasting, which best retain the flavour of the coffee beans. This method is time and labour intensive, but produces richly flavoured coffee beans.

However, open flame roasting is normally adopted only by smaller shops as roasting of coffee in this manner allow for only 5kg to 20kg of beans at any one time. Thus, with no readily available equipment to roast the beans in large quantity, Doutor Coffee embarked on the research and development of an industrialised open flame roasting equipment which is in use till today.

Open Flame Roaster